Employees as your most valueable asset

Organizations often forget the most valueable part of their organization, the employees.

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Poor mental health is

For a company employing 100 people


Colleagues are currently struggling with mental complaints


Days lost per year due to reduced well-being


Annual costs due to absenteeism, presenteeism and staff turnover as a result

Better to prevent than to cure.

Companies often still address the problem when it is already occuring. With well-being, this is detrimental. By focusing on prevention, you avoid unforeseen costs by using the MINDTHRIVEN software. Our prediction engine detects potentially harmful situations before they occur and prevents them.

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Better corporate culture with personalized well-being journeys.

Well-being is not a general thing; it is different for each person. So why don't we see this reflected in corporate well-being policies? With the MINDTHRIVEN software, provide each employee with a personalized well-being policy to bring about real change.

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What can your organisation expect from MINDTHRIVEN?


  • User input
  • HR Reporting
  • SMART Pulse Surveys
  • Environmental behavior analysis
  • Customizable employee experience
  • Employee Reporting
  • Prediction Engine



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