Bringing the power of AI to well-being.

Let's say goodbye to long well-being surveys. We predict how you are-, and will be feeling.

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Clinically validated, employee approved.

Our algorithms and measurements are all created together with very strong research partners. Our techniques are part of new, groundbreaking research nowhere seen in the world.

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A data-driven mental health platform that predicts when you need help.

By measuring behavior in the digital working environment, our application predicts how you are feeling at an exact time. No need for constantly gathering user input, we do the work for you.

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Immediate insights, no need to provide input first.

Unlike other software on the market, we don't require your input before you get useful insights. We don't rely on your input, you can rely on ours.

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Improving well-being in three simple steps.


We process different types of information. Both manual, and automated.


Using our trained AI models that we created together with research partners, we predict how you are feeling.


At the right time, preventive actions are taken so you don't need to worry about your well-being, we'll take care of it.

Your health data is sensitive and personal.

GDPR-compliant by design

Using our disconnected data model, your personal information is not stored in our database.

You own your data

Only you are owner of your data.

Anonimized for your employer.

Your employer only sees aggregated insights.

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